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Here you can contribute to the project by posting your favourite place or places at the Mediterranean Sea. Please upload a picture of your favourite place or region together with your name and your country. It would be great if you could also tell us what you like about this place and maybe also where you see the threats or what about this place should be protected (optional). Feel free to share your thoughts. Most important is to get an impression how much we feel attached to the Mediterranean Sea.

Language: I do understand English, German, Italian, French and Spanish, and posts in any of these languages are perfectly fine, it does not have to be English. If you do not speak any of these five, feel free to post in your native language.

Copyright issues: The best way is to upload your own pictures. Alternatively take pictures from a free source, e.g. Wikimedia Commons.  Please add the image credit in your post, e.g. the photographer’s name, if it’s not your own. Thanks!


  1. Nadja March 10, 2017

    Maybe I have more than one favourite places but this is definitely one. The island of Korčula in Croatia, near Split. I liked to explore the island with its very cute villages,, olive grows and stunning views over the Mediterranean and the neighbour islands. The local people are so unbelievably friendly, helpful and hospitable.
    A restaurant owner told me about his worries that was getting more and more difficult to buy fish. There is not much fish anymore in the area due to overfishing. As a tourist you see the cristal clear water and you tend to think that all is fine here. But when you go diving you really notice that there are not many fishes around.
    Another problem I saw is the marine litter. The port area and some beaches were covered in plastic and other stuff. Not sure if they clean it up in the main season for the tourists, anyway, the problem is there.

    • Country: Germany
  2. Silvano De Matteis March 17, 2017

    Gallipoli in the southern part of Italy, the town on the Island. This is one of my favorite place on this blueheart. Frist its the place I’m comming from. Second the place is very charming, nice & friendly person and as well fisher man. They still have the own daily fischmarket. To be there is a must to see the fischer market. And I do recomend to see this place with all the long lasting tradition, specially in taking care to the environment and the Ionian sea.

    • Country: Switzerland

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