• Overfishing: Some species are heavily overfished, which means their populations do not have any chance to recover and are constantly depleting, for example tuna, swordfish, several shark species and many others.
  • Bycatch: Not only trawl, drift and purse seine nets but also in the longline fishery, many non-target species get caught, including sharks, dolphins, whales, rays, turtles, birds and many non-target fish species.

Unwanted fish tossed back into the ocean Photo: Brian J. Skerry WWF

  • Your health: Not only fish from non-organic aquaculture might contain many ingredients that you do not want in your food.
  • Fairtrade: Many local communities suffer of overfishing effects by large-scale industrial fisheries.
  • Habitat destruction: Some fishing methods physically destroy marine habitats. For example dredges are used for the scallop fishery and destroy the seabed and everything that lives on it

Scallop dredged site before and 2 days after. Photo: flyfishing.co.uk