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Lebanon garbage crisis pollutes the Mediterranean – Open Discussion

I only took note of this because my friend Larisa send me the link. I had not seen it anywhere one the news.

Lebanon has been dumping its unsorted garbage, including toxic garbage, into the Mediterranean Sea for a long time.

A beach flooded with garbage on the outskirts of Beirut. The garbage problem has long been a symbol of a failure of Lebanese politics. Photo: Diego Ibarra Sanchez (The New York Times)

They even shoot the sea birds which are attracted by the garbage, because the large numbers of seabirds apparently cause a safety problem for the air traffic.

Detailed reports can be found for example on Deutsche Welle (14.06.2017) or in The New York Times (26.01.2017).

Garbage piled up along streets in Beirut’s. Photo: N. Mounzer, DPA

Questions that I’m asking myself: Why is nobody doing anything?

The Mediterranean Sea is not only our natural jewel in the middle of Europe, with many many species of amazing and sensitive sea life, it is also our main holiday destination and most important one of our major food sources and a home and source of live for all the people living at its coasts.

Trucks dump earth and trash into the sea as part of the land reclamation process at the Bourj Hammond landfill in Beirut. Photo: Constanze Flamme for Zenith

Not that the garbage from Lebanon was the only threat to our seas that we miss to act on, but the disrespectful and violent nature of this act in combination with an absent political action really shocks me. 

I also do not think that stopping the garbage dumping and finding an alternative solution is something too complicated.

Why does this problem not have more presence in the news?

Could starting a petition help to evoke political action?

Photo: ipetitions.com

What do you think? Please send me your comments or ideas!

A dead sea turtle floating in the water near the Bourj Hammoud landfill and dumping site. Photo: Constanze Flamme

Dead birds near the Costa Brava landfill. Photo: Diego Ibarra Sanchez for The New York Times

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