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Please sign to save the last 30 Vaquitas

Vaquitas are cute, timid aquatic mammals that look like mini-dolphins — and there are only 30 of them left! But if we act fast, we can still stop this beautiful species from vanishing forever.

They’re dying because they get trapped in “gillnets” and drown. But Mexico is considering banning these nets right now, and a key government official has agreed to deliver our call right into the highest government offices.

Together, we can tip the decision in favour of the vaquitas. Let’s show the Ministers if they propose a permanent ban, they’ll have a million of us right behind them. Sign the urgent petition and share it with everyone.

1,119,106 have signed on Avaaz.org on April 8th, and 1,124,772 on July 28th. Let’s get to 1,500,000!

Read article Vaquita To Go Extinct for Consumer InterestsAll for Better Skin Complexion and Shrimp Cocktail – by The Ocean Foundation


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