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Contribute with Action – 7 simple measures

You can help the Mediterranean Sea and marine life in general with these simple measures:

#1: Pay attention to your fish consumption – it is possible and pretty simple to enjoy eating fish in a sustainable way

A seal and a shark caught in a drift net Photo: Save Our Seas, Tom Campbell, Marine Photobank

WHY should I and HOW can I do this in a easy way?

#2: Limit the consumption of plastic ..

..bags, plastic bottles and other plastic products as much as possible, pick up plastic litter from the streets before it ends up in a river…and in the sea

Turtles eat plastic bags because in the water they look very similar to their favourite food: jelly fish. Photo: One Green Planet

Photo: EcoWatch

#3: Contribute with your signature by signing petitions to protect the marine environment

#4: Instead of visiting a dolphinarium, take your children to go snorkeling or scuba diving

It is so much more fun, for yourself, your children AND especially for the animals. Believe me, it is like on a different planet down there!

#5: Use detergents, shampoo etc. conservatively or replace with natural products

#6: Help to increase awareness and spread the word..

  • ..to your friends, family, people you meet – always in a respectful and tolerant way, because yesterday WE did not know either, and most people do care, but they just do not know
  • tell the children, because they are the most curious creatures on earth and they will teach their parents : )

#7: Participate in beach clean-ups

  • Clean-Up Events (Beach and Diving Clean Ups) can be found for example on the ProjectAware Action Map, but sometimes you have to search the nearest locations yourself online

Featured image: Thresher shark fatally caught in a fishing net, Mexico, Photo Brian J. Skerry, National Geographic Stock

You’d like to help and save the Mediterranean Sea: Donation Form

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