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HOW to make your fish consumption more sustainable?

For beginners:

  • Keep your tuna, swordfish and shrimp consumption as low as possible and you are already contributing a lot!
  • Limit your fish consumption and rather enjoy fish as a once-in-a-while delicacy

For advanced contributers:

  • Check out your favourite fish species and if they are okay to buy in the WWF consumer guidelines for various countries. or check out for the many sustainable alternatives  (be aware that the MSC and ASC labels are better than nothing but still far away from sustainable).
  • Inform yourself about the common market names for shark species. No joke. EUROPE has the biggest shark meat market worldwide! Very often we might eat shark without knowing, for example as FISH and CHIPS as shark meat is sold under very different names. Examples (Source):
    • German: Schillerlocken, Seeaal, Meeraal, Schillerlocken, Kalbsfisch, Speckfisch, Dornfisch, Karbonadenfisch, Königsaal, Steinaal, Steinlachs, Seestör, Wildstör, Forellenstör, Tofuhai, Sokomoro, Ozean Filet, Meeres Filet, Falsche Jakobsmuscheln, Falsches Krabbenfleisch (Surimi), Bestandteil von Fish & Chips
    • English: Flake (very common name in Australia – Fish and Chips), Huss, Catfish, Dogfish, Rock Salmon, Cape Steak, Rigg, Sea Ham, Grayfish, Steakfish, Whitefish, Lemon Fish, Gummy, Tofu Shark, Ocean Fillet, Sokomoro, Surimi (imitation crab meat), as component of Fish and Chips
    • Spanish: Gallina del Mar, Alo Rosado, Lobito, Cazón, Tintorera, Caella
    • Italian: Palombo, Smeriglio, Gattucci, Spinaroli, Cani Spellati
    • French: Chiens, Petite Roussette, Rande Roussette, Saumonette, Taupe, Veau de Mer
    • Greek: Galeos

Picture Credit: Mike White, Wikimedia Commons

Shrimp Cocktail. For the catch of TEN shrimps up to 90 other animals ended up as bycatch, including sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, snakes and various fish species. Magnus Manske, Wikimedia Commons

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